Sky Sins – Fitness Model and Entrepreneur

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SkySins and Still Rainn

Sky Sins is a fitness enthusiast, an Indian entrepreneur, social media influencer, a model, owner of his own brand Physique Collection and to my surprise also a digital marketing expert on his own.

He was born on 23rd September 1993 in Kenya and grew up in South Africa. He was just another skinny kid till the age of 15 with low self-esteem.

The Journey

The real motivation to transform himself came from the racial discrimination that he faced while growing up in South Africa. He was one of the few Indians in his school and was often told by his friends and teachers that Indians were not genetically strong enough when it came to sports and physical activities.

He wanted to prove them wrong. He knew he can do it with his sheer force of will. At that little age, he had already started to work on his blog taking the first step towards his passion.

He then started working on himself with a lot of dedication for his fitness and transformed to rank himself as the cover of Men’s Health India at the mere age of 18. It took a lot of dedication, discipline, and a ton of hard work to achieve that goal.

SkySins's Physique

At that point, he realized fitness is more than just a perfect body. It’s about self-respect, self-belief, and living life to your full potential.

He started his first fitness business blog back in 2011 to share his passion with others like him. When he was in 10th grade his blog was aimed at motivating and educating the youth about training and nutrition. It was the most visited sports blog in South Africa at that time.

At the age of 18, he moved to Boston, USA to get his business degree from Northeastern University. At the time he worked as a digital marketing specialist at Amazon Web Services(AWS) in Seattle and he became very good at it.

He decided not to continue his work at Amazon after graduation. He wanted to work on something he was passionate about and can have a positive impact on people.

He kept on working over his idea and came up with his product of protein supplements. His philosophy is to only develop and release products that he actually believes in and uses on daily basis. He doesn’t seek any external investors that gives him the freedom to spend more money on creating products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. He also gets to be real with his followers this way.

In certain countries such as India, up to 70% of dietary supplements on the market are fake according to a study by ASSOCHAM. Sky came up with an idea of solving the problem of fake supplements. They eliminated the risk of their customers receiving false products by supplying their item only through their own website i.e. Sky

When he was about to start the delivery he already had 15,000 people already signed up for the waitlist. His inventory always gets sold within a few days after restock.

He is also a master of romantics as many of his followers might know. He has a very gorgeous and beautiful girlfriend, Still Rainn who has been with him for the better part of his journey. She is also a fitness freak and claimed in one of her posts and I quote I am addicted to this shit now.” They look really great together and are a real example of couple and fitness goals. He lives with Still in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

SkySins and Still Rainn

Sky Sins worked really hard to rise to this position. He didn’t become a global influencer and model overnight. It took a lot of hard work. He himself uses all the products that he provides to his consumers.

There are people who seriously wish to get into professional bodybuilding. With them, there are also few who just wish to get a body that is fit, people who desire to look different and get a different style of life.

Me being one of them completely understand what impact Sky has on people who follow them. People are moved by what Sky has accomplished and are inspired by his genuine interest in working towards a goal to make people fit and healthy.

Sky Sins’s Attributes  
Height 5’10”
Weight 80 Kgs
Chest 42 cms
Biceps 18 cms
Waist 34 cms

Sky’s products are only available on Sky An order is directly delivered to the customer from their nearest warehouse from the delivery location. These products are not available on any supplement store or e-commerce website. He thinks it is the best way to avoid the sale and production of duplicates and fakes to ensure you receive genuine products.

Sky Sins Fitness Plans

Check out these products at SkySin’s own brand “Physique Collection”. These products are completely genuine and being used by Sky Sins in his own diet. Visit Sky Sins’s website to sign-up for his workout plans. He has workouts designed for people from beginners to professionals. The Sky Sins app is very user-friendly and has day-to-day workouts scheduled for you.

He even provides a diet plan for every month according to your goals. Check out his fitness plans.

Sky Sins Protein Products


There are a lot of bodybuilding brands that focus on providing quick results to people. Sometimes, some brands give them false hope of faster gains. Bodybuilding is about patience and discipline and both takes time. There is a lot to learn from Sky Sins if you are into bodybuilding or modeling. He believes all those who seek to be fit and are ready to invest in it should get the right and genuine products and he has been working hard to make this possible.

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